5 Steps for Fighting a Porn Addiction

So, you want to know how to fight pornography addiction?

Fighting a pornography addiction is not easy.   In one of my research studies I asked individuals who were attempting to stop viewing pornography to respond to the following statement:

“I have been doing well in my efforts to quit looking at pornography, but it is a lot harder than I thought it would be.”

Well over 50% of them acknowledged that it was a lot harder than they thought it would be.   Over the years, I have observed hundreds of individuals attempting to quit viewing pornography.   Some of them have cried in my office because they simply couldn’t stop. They felt helpless in their efforts to quit viewing it.  None of us like feeling out of control. Continue reading “5 Steps for Fighting a Porn Addiction”

Can Pornography Really be an Addiction?

During the past six years I have been gathering data from individuals looking for help because of their involvement in pornography. More than 4000 men and women have taken an online survey during this time. What signs have I identified that might indicate a pornography addiction? Continue reading “Can Pornography Really be an Addiction?”