One Thing to Make you a More Resilient Person

Your question: “How can I become more resilient when I deal with difficult life issues?”

That’s a really good question. Let me talk about some specific things that resilient people do. This comes from research by professionals who have spent their lifetime studying resilient people. In particular, I’ll be referring to Dr. Al Siebert’s work. He has a book titled The Resiliency Advantage. Dr. Siebert studied resilient people for over 40 years and he’s identified specific things that resilient people do to develop more resiliency. He believes that we can all develop more resiliency in our own lives.

How does he suggest that we do that? Your question is something that he’s spent his lifetime studying. Here’s what he came up with. Continue reading “One Thing to Make you a More Resilient Person”

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Being betrayed in a relationship by any form of infidelity, including pornography, causes deep trauma.  If you are experiencing anxiety, high stress, fatigue, depression, despair, grief, or fear, you are not crazy and you are not alone!

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From the Bloom site:  “Betrayal trauma is a condition that parallels the symptoms of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and is caused when someone experiences betrayal and deception within their primary relationship; this betrayal damages the trust and safety of the relationship and calls into question the bond they have with their partner.”

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