3 Things to Do when you Lose your Job.

Your question: “I have lost my job and my finances are in bad shape. I don’t know where to turn or what to do to get this thing turned around. I am feeling depressed about it all. I don’t even know where to begin.”

You know, that is a very important question, especially given the state of our economy. There are many individuals such as yourself who are going through very difficult times. I guess first of all my condolences go out to you, and I understand that you’re feeling depressed; you’ve lost your job. I was looking up some research on this and researchers have found that a common state is depression because you feel hopeless and that is a very difficult thing to feel. So I want to acknowledge that that is a common thing. Then I want to shift to help you with your last statement, “I don’t even know where to begin.”

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One Thing to Make you a More Resilient Person

Your question: “How can I become more resilient when I deal with difficult life issues?”

That’s a really good question. Let me talk about some specific things that resilient people do. This comes from research by professionals who have spent their lifetime studying resilient people. In particular, I’ll be referring to Dr. Al Siebert’s work. He has a book titled The Resiliency Advantage. Dr. Siebert studied resilient people for over 40 years and he’s identified specific things that resilient people do to develop more resiliency. He believes that we can all develop more resiliency in our own lives.

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How can talking relieve my past and make it any better?

Your question reads: “I have experienced a lot of trauma in my life and I have just started reaching out for help. My problem is that I’m afraid to open up to others and really talk about what I experienced. I feel like I need to keep up this macho image, but inside, I am torn up. I hate to admit that I’m having any problems. I’ve reviewed suggestions online about how to deal with difficult memories and I see over and over that it is helpful to talk about your experience with others. Can you explain why this is helpful? I just don’t want to open up to people I don’t know. How could talking relieve my past and make it any better?” Continue reading “How can talking relieve my past and make it any better?”

The Power of Journaling

A few years ago I had a client call me during an anxiety attack.

I took the call because I knew that she was in a lot of emotional pain. Unfortunately, I only had a few minutes before my next client would arrive. I quickly assessed her emotional state and how to proceed. The thought that came to my mind in that moment was, “I don’t have enough time to help her navigate through this difficult issue. What is the next best alternative?” Continue reading “The Power of Journaling”

Discover and Change

handsI’m so glad you’re here!  Nothing can match the happiness we feel when we feel truly understood and accepted by another person.  If you want to deepen that feeling in your life, you have come to the right place.

My name is Dr. Kevin Skinner, and as a marriage and family therapist, I have met with hundreds of couples with that same goal.  Many of us, although we desire the intimacy we see in others’ lives, are blocked from truly connecting because of variables we can’t see.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could take an online test and it would tell us exactly what was standing between us and the intimacy we crave?

As you may have guessed, in an effort to help couples build these deeper connections, I have created just that.

The test, as well as access to classes and webinars on the subject can be found at my Discover and Change website.

Come to the site and see how fulfilling your relationship can truly become.

Discover and Change